Advanced Failure Analysis

The purpose of Advanced Failure Analysis (Advanced F/A) is to find the (root) cause of the failure.  

Only when you have the root cause you can successfully correct the design and/or the manufacturing process of your product!   An Advanced F/A is needed when a Non-Destructive Analysis (NDA) and a first level F/A are inconclusive. Based on your inputs our F/A team can propose the optimum analysis flow for your product.


Our Advanced F/A Services:

  • Curve tracing  - measure the I/V curves 
  • Decapsulation - remove covering materials to get access to a chip surface
  • Conventional Cross-sectioning - molding and polishing to reach the area of interest
  • De-layering - layer by layer removal by fine polishing or etching to reach the area of interest
  • Micro-probing - on-chip measurement of voltages
  • Optical Microscopy - using light to make images at magnifications up to 1000x
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) - using focused electrons for imaging and analysis purposes
  • Emission Microscopy - locating emitted photons on semiconductors
  • Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change (OBIRCH)- locating resistance changes due to heating with a scanning laser 
  • Lock-in thermography (LIT) - locating hot spots on semiconductors or on modules
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) - leakage measurements by surface scanning
  • Focused Ion Beam Cross Sectioning - using ions to precisely remove material


Your Benefits:

  • Advice about the best F/A approach
  • Extensive Advanced F/A tools in-house
  • Experienced F/A staff
  • Short turn around time


Need more information?

Detailed technical information can be found in our Failure Analysis Services leaflet:

Advanced Failure Analysis leaflet

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