IPC Inspection

The purpose of IPC Inspection is to assess the quality of bare printed circuit boards and the overall assembly quality

Almost any electronic system contains one or more printed circuit boards. Our IPC inspection gives you an independent view of the bare PCB material and the assembly quality. We have certified engineers en technicians in-house to provide IPC-A-600 "Acceptability of Printed Boards" and IPC-A-610 "Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies" CIS inspections. 

The results of these IPC inspections are often used by our customers for supplier qualification, manufacturing lot acceptance or failure analysis.



  • Optical Microscopy to check PCBA surface
  • X-ray Analysis
  • Mechanical Cross Sectioning by precision sawing/grinding and polishing
  • SEM inspection and EDX material analysis
  • A comprehensive report containing all findings


Your Benefits:

  • High-quality feedback to your material supplier partners and assembly partners 
  • Experienced staff
  • Improved quality of your systems 
  • Web-based secure portal (CMIDS) for result sharing



  • IPC-A-600
  • IPC-A-610



Need more information?

More information can be found in our IPC PCB Inspection Service leaflet:

More information on the IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, can be found here.

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