About us

Eurofins MASER is an independent engineering service company. Since 1993 we have offered Reliability Test and Failure Analysis Services to the semiconductor and electronic systems industry.

Our core values

Our customers appreciate us for our:

  • Flexibility
  • Quality of Work
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Direct engineering to engineering contacts
  • State of the art equipment
  • Wide range of services in our centralised lab
  • Innovation
  • Web-based project traceability (CMIDS)


In short

We have the equipment and know-how available to perform timely & efficient reliability tests and failure analysis on your semiconductors, electronic components,  (sub) systems or complete products. 

We strive towards long-term relationships with our customers! Please see below our introduction video.

We look forward to supporting you! 

Company History


The first customer projects started in March 1993 at the incubator centre "Rigtersbleek" at Rigtersbleek-Aalten 4 in ENSCHEDE. MASER Engineering B.V. was officially founded on November 4th, 1993 by Kees Revenberg and Hans Kemper.


Since more space was needed the current main building at Steenriet 14 (became later Capitool 56) was built and opened in 1997.


In 2006 additional space was needed again and found at the nearby Auke Vleerstraat 20. The reliability test department was then also moved to the Aukevleerstraat.


In 2008 a big leap forward was made with the investment of various high-end Failure Analysis and Reliability Test tools enabling us to support the rapidly evolving semiconductor and electronics industry. Thanks to our increasing customer base and requests we have continuously expanded our service offering. Our staff has increased significantly, and we added new services and capacity expansions. 


Begin 2018 our reliability test lab at Auke Vleerstraat 20 was further extended. The Capitool building was extended as well with our M-Lounge and a bigger meeting room.

A significant milestone in the history of MASER Engineering was our 25th Year Anniversary which we celebrated in November 2018.


Hans Kemper and Kees Revenberg, Managing Directors of MASER Engineering have turned over the day to day management to Thijs Kempers and Rudy Sesink from the first of December. Thijs Kempers was appointed as CEO and Rudy Sesink was appointed as COO. Both gentlemen were already employed at MASER as Sales Director and Operations Director.

This change prepared MASER Engineering for future development and allowed its current managing directors to phase out their activities after 27 years of service.


As of September 24th 2021 MASER Engineering has been taken over by Eurofins and partly by the existing management board. The new management includes Mehdi Batel, Thijs Kempers and Rudy Sesink. Batel joined the management team on behalf of the  Eurofins Group. The day-to-day management remained in the hands of Thijs Kempers (CEO) and Rudy Sesink (COO).


As of February 2022 MASER Engineering has officially changed names to Eurofins | MASER B.V. At the beginning of 2022 we also expanded by moving part of our business to a new building around the corner. This new building at Auke Vleerstraat 26 became our new headquarters.