Mission and vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer best in class independent Failure Analysis and Reliability Test services to the (micro)electronics industry.


Our Vision

We foresee an increasing market need for electronic components,  modules and systems.

The following trends support this: 

  • ICT will have a continuous growing impact on our personal life
  • Autonomous driving cars will require a massive in-car computing power combined with new sensor technologies    
  • The switch to sustainable energy will require power conversion from solar/wind/fuel-cells
  • People will need improved healthcare diagnostics and personal medical devices

The continuous strive towards cost reductions, miniaturizations, time to market reductions while keeping product quality consistent remains challenging for the (micro)electronics industry.

The best in class independent Failure Analysis and Reliability test services offered by Eurofins MASER remain essential for our customers to support their future challenges.