Synergie CAD UDx700 L2.12 next generation HTOL system in operation

MASER Engineering is pleased to announce the official release of the next generation HTOL and Burn-in Test system from Synergie CAD UDx700. The UDx700 system has been installed in the beginning of 2018 and is a dual zone system with 12 slots per zone with a driver to BIB ratio of 1:1.   

“We are pleased to see that MASER Engineering as independent service provider selected the UDx700 system for their next generation HTOL and Burn-in” states Roger Cagliesi Managing Director of Synergie CAD Instruments.

“The requirements for executing HTOL tests is increasing over the years in power, frequency and monitoring. The UDx700 is capable to fulfil our customers and our own requirements for now and the future. We are very pleased with the system performance compared to our current BI system and also pleased to have a launching project of one of our major customers for the system.” states Mark Gortemaker Sales & Marketing Manager of MASER Engineering.

MASER Engineering is currently in the design of the boards for the first High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) project to be started on the UDx700 system by the end of 2018. 

The main specifications include: Power: 67 PSU module slots per driver Per driver over 240A / 3kW, Channels: 320 I/O channels per driver with analog monitoring capability,  40 MHz clock and extremely large pattern memory over 100Mvectors through SSD on each driver, 20 on-board function generators, Protocol communication with on-board  “Computer on Module” and Intuitive software for test program development and test execution, with extensive datalogging and reporting capability.

Synergie CAD system advantages include: modular programmable high-accuracy power supplies per driver, multiple software programmable protocols interfaces, active monitoring per DUT including real-time current monitoring, integration with DUT Local Temperature Control solutions.

Next generation system is targeted for more challenging projects with more complex communication,  monitoring, power and frequency requirements and the debug system installed and released in 2017.

MASER will maintain the current standard BI systems parallel to the new Synergie CAD UDx700 system.


For further information contact: 

Synergie CAD: Roger Caglesi – Managing Director

MASER Engineering: Thijs Kempers - Sales Manager


About Synergie CAD:

Synergie Cad Group, with headquarter in Carros (France) and 14 offices in Europe, USA and Asia, was founded in 1986 to provide turn-key solutions for Semiconductor Reliability and Test, covering the whole process from development to mass production.

In over 30 years the Company has grown up through the development and integration of competencies, resources and know-how allowing to consolidate a comprehensive solutions portfolio of Test Interface Boards, Probe Cards, Engineering Boards, Reliability and Burn-in Boards, Reliability and Test Systems, Test Engineering Services, Device Packaging and Testing Services.

Since its foundation Synergie Cad has always invested in the development of leading edge technologies for PCB design, manufacturing, assembly and test, creating a state-ot-the-art manufacturing facility in Carros, able to support the challenging technical requirements imposed by the most advanced Applications.


About MASER Engineering:

MASER Engineering is an independent engineering service company. Since 1993 we have offered Reliability Test and Failure Analysis Services to the semiconductor and electronic systems industry. Whether your company is active as Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturer, IC Design House, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we can support you with your daily Reliability Test or Failure Analysis challenges.