Takeover MASER Engineering by Eurofins and executive management

Enschede, 29-09-2021

MASER Engineering (Enschede, The Netherlands) is delighted to announce that as of  September 24st 2021, MASER will be taken over by Eurofins and (partly) by the existing Management board. Within Europe MASER is the  market leader of independent service provider of qualifications, failure analysis and reliability testing of microelectronics. MASER currently has 55 employees. After almost 28 years we say goodbye to our founders Hans Kemper and Kees Revenberg. Kemper and Revenberg stated, “We are very proud to see what we have accomplished with our team and we are very happy that we have found a strong and ambitious partner (Eurofins), who will continue our work with the current management.”

Calculated step forwards

The new management will include Mehdi Batel, Thijs Kempers and Rudy Sesink. Batel joins the management team on behalf of the  Eurofins Group. The day-to-day management will remain in the hands of Thijs Kempers (CEO) and Rudy Sesink (COO). Thijs Kempers noted, “With the takeover we are taking the next step into the long-term plans that we have carefully set out over the past couple of years. The first step was the replacement of the management board, the second step was the takeover by the external party. The next step will be the expansion of our housing at the Auke Vleerstraat in Enschede.”

“We are grateful to receive the confidence from Eurofins as well as from our founders Hans and Kees”, comments Sesink. “With Eurofins we have brought in a financially strong partner with an enormous amount of knowledge and an extensive network. This will allow us to accelerate our desired growth.”

Growing together with Eurofins from a common vision

Eurofins started as a family business in 1987 and has grown to a listed company with more than 55.000 active employees. Eurofins stands for ‘Testing for life’ and is a world leader in, among other things, testing in the fields of food, environment, clinical diagnostics, pharma and advanced material sciences. Eurofins has a network of more than 900 laboratories and is active in 50 countries. Eurofins’ 2020 turnover amounted to 5.4 billion euros and the company recently entered the CAC40, the stock index of the 40 most important companies on the French stock exchange. Batel remarked, “MASER has been on our radar for years and we are pleased that we have been able to make the move recently. We share a common vision with Thijs and Rudy and want to work on a sustainable growth. We are eager to get started”.

New building will give a boost to MASER

Simultaneously with the takeover MASER has been working on the renovation of an already existing building at the Auke Vleerstraat in Enschede. The building to be moved in at the beginning of 2022 will be completely renovated. “Coming with energy label A and a hypermodern interior, "it will meet best contemporary standards for working environment.". It is both a hypermodern office as well a laboratory environment where “going to work” will be a pleasure. But we are not there yet”, completes Sesink, “We want to grow and therefore we are working on the further development of our processes, the training of our employees and our employer branding.”. Saying that, we want to establish a distinctive employer position in the labour market.

Kennispark Twente

MASER is located at “Kennispark Twente”; a wonderful location with an enormous potential. Sesink: “The Kennispark, however, needs some more attraction to add to the existing known major companies such as Demcon, Sigmax, Xsens and Micronit. After the takeover, growth and moving into the new building we would love to add MASER to this list.

Revenberg and Kemper: “We want to wish Mehdi, Thijs and Rudy all the best in their future role as the new management of MASER Engineering.”


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