The purpose of environmental testing is to simulate the effects of several environmental stress conditions on your products. 

The challenge is to accelerate failures without introducing new failure mechanisms.



  • Steady State Temperature/Humidity (HTS/HAST/THB)
  • Temperature/Humidity Cycling /Temperature Shock
  • Power Temperature Cycling (PTC)
  • Dynamic Burn-in / High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL/ELFR)  
  • Corrosion (Salt Mist)
  • IP (water & dust)
  • Central monitoring of environmental chamber conditions
  • In-house Design of Burn-in, PTC and HAST boards


Your Benefits:

  • a wide range of environmental test services in our centralized lab
  • a more robust product resulting in higher reliability and lower costs during the product lifecycle


Need more information?

Detailed technical information can be found in our Environmental Test Service leaflets:

Temperature Cycling    Temperature Cycling and Shock test services  

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