ESD & Latch-Up


ESD Test 

The purpose of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) testing of your components or modules is to verify their robustness against ESD events.  

ESD tests are an important item in the qualification procedure of new components or modules. We have automatic test equipment that supports the most common ESD test pulse models.



  • Test strategy advice
  • In-house design and manufacturing of ESD Interfaces 
  • Support for MIL - JEDEC - ESDA - IEC standards
  • IC level Human Body Model
  • IC level Charged Device Model
  • System-level IEC 61000-4-2

Our Thermo Mk.2 systems can automatically test the ESD performance of small to high pin count devices (up to 512 channels).

The automotive industry has defined specific test modes. MASER Engineering has built and qualified this specific test setup for all AEC-Q100 device qualification tests.

For CDM test we operate a Thermo Keytek Orion-3 system. 

The IEC 61000-4-2 test capability is focusing on conductive or field induced ESD pulses on modules and systems. In a dedicated environment, the TESEQ NSG-438 system can inject pulses up to 30kV.


Latch-up Test

The purpose of Latch-up testing on your components is to verify their robustness against overvoltage/ overcurrent events during their operation. 



  • Test strategy advice
  • In-house design and manufacturing of Latch-up Interfaces 
  • Static Latch-Up test
  • Dynamic Latch-Up test


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ESD & LU test services

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