HALT, Highly Accelerated Life Test has evolved to a well-known system level test method with the purpose to identify weak spots in prototype sub-systems or systems.

Weak spots could have a significant impact on the reliability of your sub-system or system.  With our HALT test service, we will locate them for you within days enabling you to correct them before going into production. 



  • Steady-state hot/cold between -100°C and +200°C
  • 3 axis random vibration up to 60 grms
  • Fast temperature cycling 
  • Combined temperature stress and vibration stress
  • In-house design & manufacturing of HALT test fixtures


Your Benefits:

  • Our experienced HALT team supports you from the preparation process, during the HALT test and after the HALT test
  • Direct engineering to engineering contact during the HALT test for maximum efficiency 
  • Results within 3-4 days, extensive report
  • A more robust product resulting in higher reliability and lower costs during the product lifecycle


Need more information?

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