IP Testing (Ingress Protection)

Ingress Protection tests (IP testing) are capable of assessing a product's ability to withstand ingression (water, dust, foreign objects) from the outside. MASER Engineering performs these tests according to the IEC 60529 standard or the ISO 20653 standard.

We offer the complete range of IP testing services, both IP2X - IP6X for dust / foreign objects testing as well IPX1 - IPX9(K) for water testing.

Furthermore, we are capable of in-house manufacturing of mechanical fixtures according to customer specific design.

Lastly, our tests are performed according to the appropriate standards and every test is including an optical inspection (internally and externally) and a full report with images of the test set-up and results.



  • Complete range of foreign objects/dust testing, IP2X - IP6X
  • Complete range of water testing, IPX1 - IPX9(K)
  •  In-house customer specific design and manufacturing
  •  Testing according various standards


Your Benefits:

  • Our experienced team supports you from the initial request for quotation, during the IP test and after the IP test
  • Direct engineering to engineering contact for maximum efficiency 
  • Results within 1-2 days, full reporting
  • More knowhow regarding the ingress protection of your product resulting in higher reliability and lower costs during the product lifecycle



  •  IEC 60529 standard
  •  ISO 20653 standard


Need more information?

More information can be found in our IP Testing leaflet:

IP test leaflet

Please feel free to contact us or to send an inquiry to our sales team!