The purpose of optical LED testing is to assure that the optical parameters of LEDs are within specification or to measure deviations due to environmental stresses (read point testing). 

LEDs are being used more and more in industrial and automotive applications. We can perform a full spectrum of tests to measure the LED performance. LED parameter characterisation, construction analysis, reliability and failure analysis are performed for UV, visible and IR LEDs.

We operate 2 systems for measurements:

  • Ocean Optics USB4000 Spectrometer (200 – 1100 nm)
  • Instrument Systems MAS40 Mini-Array Spectrometer (390 – 950 nm)

The systems have an Integrating sphere for spectral output measurement. The following wavelengths can be measured:

  • Ultraviolet : 230 - 380nm
  • Visible : 380 - 700nm
  • Infrared : 700 - 1100nm (1650nm)  


  • Wide range of bench test equipment available
  • Full custom optical test set-ups possible on UV, visible and IR LEDs
  • Software-driven automatic test execution for maximum flexibility 
  • In-house design and manufacturing of optical test fixtures 

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